Legal services

We provide high-quality legal advisory services including representation in the court, administrative and arbitration proceedings. The most important legal areas, the law firm CONSULTUS specializes at, include:

Corporate law, Mergers and Acquisitions

The agenda of corporate law represents the core field of specialization of the law firm CONSULTUS. Our expertise in the corporate law is at the same time not limited only to the territory of the Slovak Republic, we advise also to clients doing business in the Czech Republic.


The law firm CONSULTUS offers to its clients very convenient and complex legal services, including establishment of the business company, provision of advisory services, drafting of articles of association and other internal corporate documents, assistance with the adoption of any corporate changes in respect to the existing companies, as well as with its winding-up and liquidation. We assist our clients with the fulfillment of statutory obligations of business companies, from organizing general meetings and meetings of other corporate bodies, to obligatory deposition of financial statements and other documents to the Collection of Deeds of the Commercial Register.


We also provide comprehensive legal advisory services in the field of mergers and acquisitions, including mergers, consolidations and de-mergers of companies, transfers of business interests and shares, the sale of undertakings and the sale of specific company assets. The services of the law firm CONSULTUS include advice on the entire structuring and planning of the contemplated transaction, realization of the detailed legal audit (due diligence), drafting of transaction documents, representation in negotiations and proceedings related to obtaining necessary permits and approvals and preparation of the post-transaction documents.

Real estate and Construction law

The law firm CONSULTUS provides legal services in respect to the purchase and sale and any other transfer of ownership of real estate, including legal advice concerning the structuring and planning of the contemplated transaction, performance of detailed legal audit (due diligence), thorough analysis of legal risks and responsibilities and preparation and negotiation of transaction documentation. In case of interest, we authorize contracts on transfer of the real estate ownership.


In addition, the law firm CONSULTUS provides legal assistance in respect to real estate development, including drafting construction agreements, development agreements, loan agreements and agreements with architects and other specialized suppliers. Our portfolio of services also implies legal advice concerning the EIA procedure and in respect to obtaining zoning permits, building permits and occupancy permits.


We also offer legal services concerning the lease of industrial areas, retail and office premises, plots of land, apartments and residential houses.

Commercial and Civil law

The law firm CONSULTUS provides legal assistance in respect to all issues of the commercial and civil law. Our services in the said area include in particular: drafting and reviewing commercial and civil law contracts, comprehensive legal advisory services in the area of law of obligation, law of bills/notes, family law and law of succession, solving legal issues concerning division of the property co-ownership and joint ownership, and assistance with the legal protection of individual rights and corporate reputation.

Litigation, Arbitration and Debt Collection

The law firm CONSULTUS offers optimal solutions with the highest cost-effectiveness also in the field of litigation, arbitration and debt collection.


Due to the fact that litigation and arbitration proceedings are costly and time consuming, we pay special attention to the legal assistance prior to the commencement of proceedings which implies a detailed analysis of the facts of the dispute in question and all available evidence, existing legal issues and risks, feasible solutions, further steps and procedural strategy and the total time and costs required. We analyze in detail the possibilities of out-of-court settlements of the dispute and represent our clients in out-of-court negotiations.


The law firm CONSULTUS represents clients in the court, administrative and arbitration proceedings. Our portfolio of services includes also arrangements for the enforcement of court and foreign and domestic arbitration decisions.

The law firm CONSULTUS offers in the segment of debt collection particularly the following services:


  • comprehensive debt recovery management and collection,
  • legal analysis in the area of exercising and recovery of debt claims,
  • taking legal acts related to debts in writing,
  • legal audit (due diligence) of debts/receivables.
Labour law

The law firm CONSULTUS provides high-quality legal advisory services in the area of labour law, in particular in respect to drafting of employment agreements, management contracts, internal corporate rules and employment termination agreements. We also provide legal advice in relation to collective redundancies, secondment and employee transfers and in the collective bargaining process. We focus on the preparation of legal opinions concerning liability and the ban on discrimination in the employment relationships.

Bankruptcy and Restructuring

The law firm CONSULTUS also provides its clients with the comprehensive legal advice in relation to bankruptcy and restructuring, namely:


  • representation of creditors and debtors in the bankruptcy or restructuring proceedings,
  • preparation of documents needed for restructuring of a company,
  • representation in bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings in relation to courts, administrators and creditors,
  • representation of creditors in exercising claims and entitlements in bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings with respect to the bankrupt entity and the court,
  • filing of claims, representation of clients in creditors’ meetings and creditors’ committees,
  • drafting of documentation for bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings and in debt discharge proceedings,
  • preparation of legal opinions concerning bankruptcy and restructuring.
Banking and Financial law

The law firm CONSULTUS provides its clients with legal advice in the area of loan transactions and business plan financing, and in respect to selection of the optimal security instruments and guarantees. We draft or review all necessary documentation. We advise our clients in all issues in respect to bills/notes.

Our legal services in the area of banking and financial law include:


  • legal advice in the area of loan transactions, financial restructuring and reorganization,
  • drafting or legal review of banking instruments and guarantees (letters of credit and bills/notes, security instruments, insurance contracts and terms and conditions), 
  • drafting or legal analysis of related contractual documentation,
  • advisory services related to structuring of clients’ financial plan, preparation and negotiations of transaction documentation.